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This is a list of Evergreen Thumb Episodes starting with the most recent. New episodes are released every other Tuesday.

Newest Episodes

Bringing the Outdoors In: Indoor Gardening Essentials – Episode 006

In this episode of The Evergreen Thumb, Jonica Burkett explains indoor gardening essentials. She discusses the hows and whys of growing indoors, briefly touching on methods like aquaponics and hydroponics, as well as the key concerns of managing soil, water, and pests.

Surviving Winter’s Wrath: Preparing Your Garden for Winter Weather – Episode 005

In this episode, Bonnie Orr, a Chelan/Douglas County WSU Extension Master Gardener, discusses various strategies for preparing gardens for winter weather. She emphasizes the importance of understanding your local environment, including factors like sunlight exposure, climate patterns (such as El Niño or La Niña), and the unique features of your yard, such as slopes, trees, and shade.

Cultivating Second Chances: Benton-Franklin MGs Empower Incarcerated Youth

In this episode, I have a conversation with Alice Allison, a WSU Extension Master Gardener in Benton-Franklin Counties, about their work with the local juvenile justice center.

The Benton-Franklin County WSU Extension Master Gardener Program won the David Gibby Search for Excellence Award in the youth category at the 2023 International Master Gardener Conference in Overland Park, Kansas for this project.

Welcome to The Evergreen Thumb Podcast – Episode 000

Welcome to The Evergreen Thumb podcast, brought to you by Washington State University Extension Master Gardener program volunteers and sponsored by the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State. Since 1973, WSU Extension Master Gardeners have been developing programs to address the evolving needs of our communities. In each episode, we’ll…