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Gardening Tips and Insights with WSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers

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The Evergreen Thumb Podcast is brought to you by Washington State University Extension Master Gardener program volunteers and sponsored by the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State.

Since 1973, WSU Extension Master Gardeners have been developing programs to address the evolving needs of our communities. The Evergreen Thumb podcast is here to share up-to-date research-based horticulture and environmental stewardship knowledge to help you grow and manage your garden and to share what the WSU Extension Master Gardener program is all about. New episodes are released every 2 weeks. In each episode, we’ll explore various topics tailored to our unique climate and diverse flora. Whether you’re an experienced gardener with a green thumb or a beginner eager to cultivate your own green oasis, this podcast is here to inspire and educate.

Join us as we invite expert horticulturists, seasoned Master Gardeners, and passionate plant enthusiasts to share their wisdom, practical tips, and hands-on experiences. We’ll cover everything from plant selection and care, sustainable gardening practices, organic pest control, and landscaping design to tackling common challenges specific to our region.

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    Discover the secrets to thriving vegetable gardens, vibrant flower beds, bountiful fruit trees, and breathtaking native plant landscapes. We’ll also explore the intersection of gardening and sustainability, discussing topics like permaculture, composting, and water-wise gardening to help you create an environmentally friendly garden that nurtures both you and the ecosystem.

    So, whether you’re tuning in from the urban jungles of Seattle, the rolling hills of Spokane, or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest, get ready to dig deep, cultivate your knowledge, and connect with a community of fellow gardening enthusiasts.

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    Get your gardening gloves on, grab your favorite trowel, and join us as we embark on this exciting gardening adventure together. Welcome to The Evergreen Thumb!

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    WSU Extension Master Gardener Program

    The WSU Extension Master Gardener Program engages university-trained volunteers to empower and sustain diverse communities with relevant, unbiased, research-based horticulture and environmental stewardship education.